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Increase RDP Session Timeout For Remote Server Connection

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Sometimes remote desktop connections got timeout due to idle sessions. Now you can control and set up the maximum amount of idle time allowed for remote desktop connections.

To setup timeout options or increase RDP session timeout for remote server connection, you need to follow the below easy steps..

Increase RDP Session Timeout For Remote Server Connection

  • Log in to your Remote Desktop Server through Remote Desktop Connection.
  • Once logged into Remote Desktop open the Start menu
  • And navigate to All Programs > Administrative Tools > Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Services > Terminal Services Configuration menu.
  • In the Connections area box, right click RDP-Tcp then Properties.
  • Click the Sessions tab.
  • Specify the values you want to use.
Tip: You can get more tutorials on IIS, RDP, Asp.net here.

Note: Changes will apply to next sessions of remote connections. You may also need to restart your VPS or windows server to apply changes.

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