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HTML title Tag with Example


HTML <title> tag represents title for web page and also most important for SEO purpose.

The title tag is generally used to define the title for the web pages that you can see on your web browsers tab.

The title tag is the child element of HTML <head> tag that represents head section for the web page.

Note: HTML <title> tag is supported by all major web browsers.

HTML title Tag Sample Code

    <title>HTML title Tag With Example</title>
    <!--Body Part Starts-->
    <p>Your visible web page content starts from here</p>
    <!--Body Part Ends-->

HTML title Tag Sample Result

Your visible web page content starts from here

Note: The title tage comes under invisible HTML head section but you can see defined title on the browsers tab.

Tip: You can see the complete List of HTML Elements here.

Standard Attributes Support

HTML <title> tag supports HTML Attributes. You can get more details about available HTML Attributes here.

Event Attributes Support

HTML <title> tag does not support Event Attributes. But you can get more details about available HTML Event Attributes here.

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