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HTML html Tag with Example


HTML <html> tag is a starting html tag for every HTML document.

The html tag is required and most important tag for every web page. It generally contains all other available HTML Elements.

Note: The <html> tag mostly supported in all major web browsers.

Sample Code

<title>HTML html Tag With Example</title>
<p>html tag is a main html tag for HTML document</p>

Sample Result

html tag is a main html tag for HTML document

Tip: You can see the complete List of HTML Elements here.

Standard Attributes Support

The <html> tag supports mostly all HTML Attributes. Following are some most common attributes that are used by <html> tag. You can get more details about available HTML Attributes here.

Attribute Value Description
class user_defined Represents a style for an element which is used in CSS style sheet
id user_defined Represents unique id for an element
style css_properties Represents an inline style for an element for e.g style=”color:red;text-decoration:underline;”

Event Attributes Support

The <html> tag does not support Event Attributes. But you can get more details about available HTML Event Attributes here.

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