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HTML frame Tag with Example


HTML <frame> tag represents a frame or a window in a frameset. You can see more details on HTML <frameset> tag here.

Each frame contains separate HTML web page or documents that is display in a frameset.

Note: The <frame> tag is not supported now in HTML5. HTML frame tag mostly supported in all major web browsers.

Here is the main web page that holds all the frames that we created above. You can see here we gave each frame path to main html page.

Sample Code – index.html

<title>HTML frame Example</title>
<frameset rows = "15%, *, 20%">
<frame src="frame1.html">
<frameset cols= "25%, 75%">
<frame src="frame2.html">
<frame src="frame3.html">
<frame src="frame4.html">
<noframes>Sorry, your web browser does not support frames!</noframes>

The main web page splitted in to four frames. Here is the source code for each frame that was needed for a reference frame.

Sample Code – frame1.html

<body style="background-color:red;">
<h5 align="center">Header content here</h5>

Sample Code – frame2.html

<body style="background-color:#f456fd;">
<h5 align="center">Side content here</h5>

Sample Code – frame3.html

<body style="background-color:#f5f5f4;">
<h5 align="center">Main content here</h5>

Sample Code – frame4.html

<body style="background-color:red;">
<h5 align="center">Footer content here</h5>
<h6 align="center">
a href="http://www.webblogsforyou.com/">webblogsforyou.com</a></h6>

Sample Result

Tip: You can see the complete List of HTML Elements here.

Tag Specific Attributes Support

Following are few frame tag attributes that are supported by <frame> tag.

Attribute Value Description
frameborder 0
Represents the frameborder for the frame. 1 to display border and 0 for no border
marginheight pixel Represents the marginheight for the frame that is top and bottom of the frame
marginwidth pixel Represents the marginwidth for the frame that is left and right of the frame
name frame_name Represents the name of the frame
noresize noresize Specify noresize when you don’t want resizable frames
scrolling auto
Represents the scrolling for the frame
src url Represents the URL of the web page to display within a frame

Standard Attributes Support

HTML <frame> tag supports mostly all HTML Attributes. Following are some most common attributes that are used by <frame> tag. You can get more details about available HTML Attributes here.

Attribute Value Description
class user_defined Represents a style for an element which is used in CSS style sheet
id user_defined Represents unique id for an element
lang lang_code Represents the language of the element for it’s content
style css_properties Represents an inline style for an element for e.g style=”color:red;text-decoration:underline;”
title user_defined Represents a tooltip information for an elements like img, a, abbr etc

Event Attributes Support

HTML <frame> tag does not support Event Attributes. But you can get more details about available HTML Event Attributes here.

Download Free Sample Code

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